[Vorbis-dev] Re: [Vorbis] A Macromedia Shockwave Flash-based Ogg player?

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Jan 16 12:49:57 PST 2007

>> No one would have to install the XiphQT (as you said) if there was 
>> support for all (or some) of our formats in the Flash player
> that's exactly what point 2 was attempting to point out.  however 
> point 1 was that we do NOT want to make the flash player any bigger 
> (in bytes), which precludes us from including even more code, eg: the 
> vorbis decoder.
One thing to understand is that it's unreasonable to expect that the 
flash player can NOT grow in size.  Past versions clearly show this : 

however it is also important to understand that the reason we want 
vorbis to be included natively in flash is not as much because of it's 
"free nature" or for support of yet another media format (although they 
are certainly good reasons), but rather because vorbis is a clearly 
superior audio format that has shown over and over again to outperform 
most (arguably all) other media formats for audio.  It's not also about 
quality too, existing formats have horrible implementation for metadata, 
which for anyone hoping to do anything remotely interesting with audio 
(pandora.com ?) is required to jump through a whole mess of technical 
hoops for a decent implementation.  Ogg Vorbis' metadata implementation 
is simple, and solves a lot of complex problems for many people.  
Currently, Flash's audio implementation for streaming media is, well, 
very rudimentary.    Currently, the only way to support metadata in a 
streaming audio fashion is via ID3 tags, which pretty much excludes all 
current mp3 streaming solutions (which don't send ID3 tags).

so my main point here (and it's my point, not necessarily xiph's point) 
is that we certainly wouldn't ask Adobe to incorporate something new 
(increasing the net size of the flash player) without a considerable 
amount of "added value".  All we want is the ability to present the case 
that vorbis does add enough value to justify the addition.


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