[Vorbis-dev] Re: Can i develope vorbis decoder on ARM

Rico K. Rico.K at t-online.de
Wed Jan 18 13:52:27 PST 2006

>         I am PG student,  i want to do  project  on  ogg  vorbis as  my final sem   project.  I want to know  wether it is possible to develope  a  vorbis decoder on ARM.
>  We have ARM7TDMI .
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>                                                                              kshemanth
>Kshemanth Vasireddi  
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I have already finished a Vorbis decoder project for an ARM-based mobile 
phone and yes, it is definitely possible to develope a Vorbis decoder on 
ARM. But you should know that the ARM processor has no floating point 
unit (FPU), so you need to develope a integer only decoder if you don't 
want to wait hours for decoding.. There is already a basic integer only 
decoder for Vorbis available. So please check out the SVN trunk for 
"Tremor" implementation.

Rico K.

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