[Vorbis-dev] why iriver's ifp series with limitation on ogg/vorbis support

罗 强 jim_luo at realsil.com.cn
Mon Mar 7 00:00:24 PST 2005

Hi all, I buy a iriver's ifp-880 portable player, it only can 
play ogg file with bitrate 96kbps-325kbps. I know that
the higher bitrate of file, the more cpu cycles to comsume in most case. 
For beyond 325kbps,I guess the chip (pnx0101) can't realtimely decode. 
But for ogg file below 96kbps, the cpu performance maybe isn't the bottleneck,
and I suspect because of the limitation of memory on ifp-880 player, but it has 
an 2 Mbytes external sram.   :( 
	can anybody give me the correct reason of limitation on bitrate support
range of ifp series?
	forgive me to paste such an unrelated letter.

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