[Vorbis-dev] lack of detail for exception in ov_open

Steve Russell srussell at innernet.net
Wed Jun 15 14:57:47 PDT 2005

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On 6/15/05, Steve Russell <srussell at innernet.net> wrote:
> I am having one frustrating time trying to decipher why ov_read is failing
> in my MFC/C++ application, and I see in Google results that others have 
> had
> difficulty as well.  These google discussions generally involve libraries,
> dll's and linking options, as though there are perhaps some basic
> incompatibilities between ogg vorbis and win32 and/or MFC/C++.  Very
> confusing.

There can be linking problems, they're not fundamental
incompatibilities - you just have to link to the right runtime, like
with any other libraries

> If I pass fopen a fictitious filename, ov_open returns the proper error.
> However, if I pass a legitimate filename, ov_open crashes without giving 
> me
> any apparent clue.

ov_open doesn't take filenames. So I'm not sure what you were trying
to say. Try doing a debug build, so you can get some information about
where things went wrong.

I said (and demonstrated) that I pass the filename to fopen.  When fopen 
returns a null pointer, ov_open does not complain; when it returns a valid 
pointer, ov_open produces an exception.  I'm sure this is due to my own 
(painful) misunderstanding of how to get these ogg vorbis files correctly 
related to my project.  And that is probably why I can't get any debug info.

Loaded 'C:\Hand in Hand\Room 101\vorbisfile.dll', no matching symbolic 
information found.
Loaded 'C:\Hand in Hand\Room 101\ogg.dll', no matching symbolic information 
Loaded 'C:\Hand in Hand\Room 101\vorbis.dll', no matching symbolic 
information found. 

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