[Vorbis-dev] Re: win32 sdk

illiminable ogg at illiminable.com
Wed Oct 13 01:52:50 PDT 2004

> That's not correct.  Some people still use VC6, either because it's the
> newest they have (it's very expensive), or in some cases because newer
> VC IDEs are slower.

If it's purely cost, the command line compiler for VS2003 is free (of course 
that means make files).... but also there is a free version of VC++ 2005 
express beta (http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/visualc/default.aspx)... 
i'm unsure if these express products will be free post-beta... if not they 
will be very cheap (sub $100). I haven't installed them as i don't want to 
risk screwing up my current installation... but i'd be 99% sure they will 
open VS2003 project files.

> As a general practice, I build static libraries in VC6, even though I use
> VC7 myself; I build all targets as "Multithreaded DLL", to avoid 
> mismatched
> runtime libraries.

In this SDK i have linked to Multithreaded Static so the distribution of the 
runtimes you specify below is not required... however in my other directshow 
project, i link to the DLL's simply because there are about 40 projects that 
link to them and it would be wasteful to use static libraries.

> Finally, programs that are built in VC7 require the newer runtimes (eg.
> MSVCR70.DLL and MSVCP70.DLL).  Many older machines don't have them 
> installed
> globally; each program tends to include them individually.  It comes out 
> to
> about 450k compressed, which isn't always insignificant.

Microsoft recommends against installing them globally. They really shouldn't 
be installed globally on any machine.


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