[Vorbis-dev] packed ogss

Tony acarter
Fri Jul 30 02:31:12 PDT 2004

The serials in the oggs will be the same as others in certain cases as there
not made completely unique as there is sometimes a bit of swapping around of
which oggs are going into which chains without them being re-encoded,

I don't personally add any extra info between the files I just convert the
wavs to oggs then do a binary copy to concatenate all the files together, I
do it this way as ive never seen any documentation on there being a special
way to create chained files.

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On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 09:14:50AM -0700, Arc Riley wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 04:55:26PM +0100, Tony wrote:
> > One other think I wondered if anybody could clarify when I use the tool
> > OggInfo on my chained files it throws up warning between each stream,
> > that the wrong page was encountered, is this a normal thing when running
> > ogginfo tool on chained oggs.
> Sounds like you got duplicate serialnos.  Try running your stream
> through my reserializer, see if OggInfo still complains...

No, the chains wouldn't work at all in that case.

Garbage between chained sections is not normal, no.  How did you
create the oggs, and how did you group them together?  If the program
that made the Oggs stuck ID3 tags on them (a violation of spec), that
would explain the errors at the boundaries after you grouped them

Of course, it could be something else too.

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