[Vorbis-dev] Tutorial/Docs for using libvorbis directly

Steve Russell srussell
Thu Jul 1 19:22:20 PDT 2004

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Thank you for that explanation, which I will not actually be able to
completely comprehend until I start looking into the vorbis code.  What are
"the vast majority of developers" doing with libvorbisfile?  Creating
interactive players for music?  That's not what I'm after, so one audio
expert advised me that I could either play files with DirectShow using only
the few lines of code, installing the Ogg DirectShow filters as part of my
install; or I could create a library that plays a given ogg file using the
ogg API.  Any comment or suggestion of examples in this regard?
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> On Friday 02 July 2004 10:12, Steve Russell wrote:
> > I haven't yet begun, but I will be, delving into the integration of
> > vorbis/speex into my program, and I'm trying to decipher what's being
> > here.  Does this amount to creating a library that plays a given ogg
> > using the ogg api?
> It's about creating a decoder application (for an ogg vorbis file, not an
> arbitrary ogg file - so this isn't relevant for ogg speex) using
> However, the vast majority of developers don't want to use libvorbis
> - they want to use libvorbisfile. libvorbisfile is a high-level decode
> interface, and it's much more convenient to use.
> Direct use of libvorbis (which the original poster said he needed) is
> only needed if libvorbisfile is, for some reason, not usable for a
> purpose - like if you're trying to get your data from an asychronous data
> source.
> Mike

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