[Vorbis-dev] Tutorial/Docs for using libvorbis directly

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I haven't yet begun, but I will be, delving into the integration of
vorbis/speex into my program, and I'm trying to decipher what's being said
here.  Does this amount to creating a library that plays a given ogg file,
using the ogg api?
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> On Friday 02 July 2004 02:27, Michael Sparks wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> >
> > We needed a vorbis decoder that operated differently from the approach
> > taken libvorbisfile. So I sat down, looked through the docs, and the
> > decoder that come with libvorbis and wrote our own.
> >
> > Since I couldn't find any docs for the API for libvorbis itself, I've
> > written some. It details all the steps you need to go through to write a
> > _basic_ reusable decoder library using libvorbis. It's designed both as
> > basic tutorial as to how to build a basic reusable decoder, and also as
> > documentation.
> Libvorbis documentation hasn't been a priority for us (which is why it
> already exist), mostly because the vast majority of developers are happy
> using libvorbisfile. However, for those that DO need libvorbis directly,
> will be very, very helpful. Thanks a lot for doing this, we really
> any help with documentation.
> We'd love to get your code/docs - sending them to this list would be the
> approach. We'll review things, and commit it to svn.
> Thanks in advance,
> Mike
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