[vorbis-dev] Port of current Ogg Vorbis implemention for ARM

Harold Chu harold at lochard.com.au
Wed Feb 12 21:35:58 PST 2003

> > Sorry Nicolas, I was referring to the *encoder.*  My
> mistake, I forgot to
> > mention that.
> Then just use the standard libvorbis code.  No porting is
> needed whatsoever.
> The libvorbis code doesn't need to know that you are using
> -msoft-float.
> But if you do so' it's because _all_ your libraries,
> especially libm.a, were
> compiled with -msoft-float too.

I've tried a stright compile but the configure script refuses to let me
cross compile it.  libogg gives me this error message:

    user$ CC=arm-linux-gcc AR=arm-linux-ar \
          RANLIB=arm-linux-ranlib ./configure
    checking size of short... configure: error: can not run test
    program while cross compiling

> Expect it to be sloooooooow though.

I'm wondering how slow it will be.  I don't need to encode at a high sample
rate.  Something near telephone quality will suffice.

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