[vorbis-dev] application/ogg is a proposed Internet standard.

Segher Boessenkool segher at koffie.nl
Sat Feb 1 23:09:39 PST 2003

Michael Smith wrote:
> On Wednesday 29 January 2003 08:54, Ralph Giles wrote:
>>On Tuesday, January 28, 2003, at 08:17  pm, David Waite wrote:
>>>Is this string terminated by a nul character? I wonder if the IANA
>>>rules for registration of mime types would be suitable (vorbis and
>>>perhaps theora being the primary exceptions - these could be something
>>>like audio/vnd.xiph.vorbis and video/vnd.xiph.theora).
>>It's not. For that matter there's nothing in the ogg spec that says it
>>has to be byte aligned.
> Well, we're saying it must be at the start of the first packet, which means it 
> DOES have to be byte aligned. It doesn't have to be null-terminated though.

It is _not_ at the start of the packet (the packet flags are first,
and if it's a header packet, the codec identifier is second).

It's more than just coincidence that Vorbis has exactly 8 bits
of packet flags on all headers, of course ;)

And all this is just for Vorbis; all codecs _could_ be different
in this, there's nothing decided so far, as far as I know.


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