[vorbis-dev] vorbisfile bug?

Vitaly Nechyos nvit at open.by
Wed Sep 25 15:08:54 PDT 2002

Good day.

It seems vorbisfile has a bug.

There is a such string in ov_time_seek:
ogg_int64_t target=pcm_total+(seconds-time_total)*vf->vi[link].rate;

It is not accounted type convertion between double and ogg_int64_t.
E.g. if I convert 440267'th sample (44100Hz source) to time:
double dSec = 440267 / (double) 44100;
and then try to seek dSec:
ov_time_seek(pOVFile, dSec);
the resulting offset will be 440266'th sample, because of
dSec*44100 gives 440266.999999997...
Probably the line
ogg_int64_t target=pcm_total+(seconds-time_total)*vf->vi[link].rate;
should be replaced with something like:
ogg_int64_t target=pcm_total+( (seconds-time_total)*vf->vi[link].rate +

It is very likely that this is not a unique place in source code with the
same problem.
(I use Visual C++ 6.0)


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