[vorbis-dev] [Newbie] getting up to speed

Brian Hook public at pyrogon.com
Thu Sep 27 18:04:37 PDT 2001


Thanks for the fast response.
> I recommend that you look at the project files in 
> win32sdk/sdk/build  as an example.

I don't have those directories -- is that part of the tarball I presume
(I have the W32 1.0rc2 ZIP).

> words, make sure that 
> your application code (the client of the libraries) is also correctly.

I'm scratching my head on this one.  I'm using:

Debug Build:


Release Build:

ame as above sans "_d".

The Debug Build works fine compiled with Debug Multithreaded DLL.  The
Release Build gets the link errors I posted earlier if I use
"Multithreaded" instead of "Multithreaded DLL".  Is there a way to dump
a LIB file to see which libs are being bound?  Or maybe I have my Code
Generation options screwed up, but I've checked and triple checked.

> N.B.  that the *debug* versions of the static libraries *are* 
> compiled with "Multithreaded DLL" for reasons mentioned 
> earlier.

Correct, and thankfully my debug builds do work as a result =)

> So if you app code is compiled for debug, then that 
> explains what you're seeing.

Nope, it's definitely compiled for Release.  

I just yanked down the latest tarball, and you're right, the DSP files
are configured for Multithreaded on Release Build.  Just compiled (btw,
tons of warnings mostly dealing with conversion issues C4244 -- might
want to pragma that bad boy out =), and one unreferenced variable...oh,
and it uses <ogg/ogg.h> which forces that to be in the include search
path)....and, it works fine.  So the libs don't work for me, but
compiling the source seems to.

In case you guys do want to disable that warning automatically, you can

#ifdef _WIN32
#ifdef _MSC_VER
#pragma warning( disable: 4244)

At the top of your files (probably don't want to do it in the headers
since that would disable the warning for anyone that included those

Anyway, I'm not trying to be critical, you guys have done a fantastic
job and I'm extremely happy I have this all working now.



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