[vorbis-dev] Anyone with an extended vorbisfile_example?

Jonas Beckeman jonas.beckeman at monsterland.se
Mon Jun 11 08:34:20 PDT 2001

Ok, I almost got my .dll version working (still haven't added the .wav
header, though). It reads and writes the files (supplied as filename strings
to the function) properly, but it crashes just after writing (and I know
ov_clear() closes the input file for me, so that's not it).

Unfortunately, I have little experience of debugging dll's. I tried making a
test console app that links to my debug .lib file, but I got "unresolved
external symbol" on my decode(char*, char*) function. I guess something
isn't properly configured with the export of the .lib file?
(The reason I can test the .dll at all is because I do it from a multimedia
tool called Director).

Jack Moffitt wrote:
> I looked at several applications before deciding to to that.  It seems
> fairly safe to do, and I think most people link against the .dll
> runtime.

I'll take my chances...

Ingo Ralf Blum wrote:
> I had problems when linking against the MSVCRT, MFC and DirectShow DLLs,
> the global variables in the encoder were not initialized

Or maybe not! But then again, I'm not using the encoder part, so I could be

Jack Moffitt wrote:
> I'm not a MSVC programmer by trade, so comments and suggests are usually
> helpful, as there's not a vast array of collected experience in the open
> source world how to make things work for lots of people in the Windows
> world.

Just please tell me to shut up when I get on your nerves :) If I can put
something together that works, hopefully it can help someone else out there

Thanks a lot,

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