[vorbis-dev] DropOgg for MacOS.

Jeffrey H. Johnson jeff+oggdev at websitefactory.net
Tue Jan 30 15:54:02 PST 2001

On 1/31/01 9:48 AM +1100 msmith at xn.com.au wrote:

> If there are fixes needed, we'd like to get them into the main
> distribution. Technically, you have to make available ANY changes, no
> matter how trivial - but we mostly just want libvorbis to work as-is on
> pretty much every platform. If you could send a patch with all the
> required changes, we'd much appreciate it.

Most of it wasn't 'code' changes, but alot of changes to the build enviroment
project files and changes to include additional files to make it build in my
existing project and with my existing projects directory structure.  Also,
I'm building against a pre-release version of the Apple Universal Interfaces
headers which probably introduced most of the problems.  Also, a few changes
to audio.c were required to make it compile with certain optimizations enabled
in CodeWarrior 6; I'll see if I can diff these against the current CVS audio.c. 

There are a bunch of CodeWarrior 6 bugs regarding AltiVec when optimizatins
are enabled it seems ... :-(

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