[vorbis-dev] Multichannel Encoding

Rob Fletcher rpf1 at york.ac.uk
Mon Jan 29 01:54:45 PST 2001

On Fri, 26 Jan 2001, Monty wrote:

> > By the way. Is all this stuff off-topic?  Or is it possible that
> > multi-channel encoding might use this sort of thing?
> It's unlikely the mainline vorbis libraries and utilities are likely
> to make use of this, but it's a reasonably relevant topic.  I have a
> threading mailreader, so I don't really mind extra interesting
> discussion topics.

What I would be interested in seeing in perhaps the longer term is
to use the multichannel stuff as a simple container. Let's say 
someone could write a VTS output plugin which writes multichannel
ogg files, then we could also have an "ogg-mixer" application, which
could mix down to however many output channels the user has.

An ogg multichannel reader for VST would also be interesting, but that
would have to have the channels "marked" in some way so they would not
be re-encoded, but simply copied in to any new ogg output file (hence
my original question about how we might go about writing an already
encoded track in into a file, or adding a new track, with encoding,
into an existing file).

Does this make sense? Yes I know VST has it's own formats for
distributing mixes around, but wouldn't it be nice to make this
technology available to others.

Just bouncing ideas at present, so I hope it's not out of place
on the dev board. As I see it at the moment 255 uncoupled
channels is easy. What I am asking is that we keep this ability to
be completely uncoupled.

All the best folks.


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