[vorbis-dev] Multichannel Encoding

Chris Cheney ccheney at cheney.cx
Fri Jan 26 20:51:35 PST 2001

Under Windows and perhaps in OpenAL there is something called HDRF which I
think is similiar to what you were talking about for headphones.


On Sat, Jan 27, 2001 at 03:36:04AM +0100, Gerry wrote:
> > >By the way. Is all this stuff off-topic?  Or is it possible that
> > >multi-channel encoding might use this sort of thing?
> >
> > We've certainly talked about needing output tools for testing surround
> stuff.
> > Using this with headphones might be a way of allowing folks with ordinary
> set-ups
> > to participate.
> That would be great! When i posted this idea here (apparently many people
> had this idea before me (why is it always like that ?), but, anyway :) , i
> hoped it could be used for something..
> Gerry

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