[vorbis-dev] ogg pic format (again).. here's why

rillian at telus.net rillian at telus.net
Fri Jan 26 14:13:27 PST 2001

> The ogg video-format [...]needs a way to compress its
> frames. Are you going to use MNG for that ? :) ..

No. The advantage of MNG is that it offers lossless compression if you want
it. Tarkin will be a (very) lossy encoder specifically for video; the design
requirements there are quite different and are best implemented as a separate

MNG can be used as a high quality "source" format for video such as one needs
for editing and effects work. Tarkin would be the final output format for electronic

It was also my proposal that we use MNG for overlays on top of tarkin video,
a la DVD subtitles. With text and other annotations the lossless nature and
support of limited color palettes is a real win. And because of jng, there's
support for lossy continuous-tone images as well. (think "pop-up-video")

MNG was in fact designed for animation, and natively supports both layers and
sprite animation. In that case it may back a good distribution format as well.

> So, what do you think ? :)

I think your enthusiasm is great, but you should do more homework before jumping
in. :-)

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