[vorbis-dev] Multichannel Encoding

Ralph Giles giles at ashlu.bc.ca
Tue Jan 23 14:40:22 PST 2001

On Tue, 23 Jan 2001, Richard W.E. Furse wrote:

> Sounds like a good start - but I hope you won't just restrict to the mere 
> four channels of first-order Ambisonics? I'm looking at encodings that will 
> use quite a few more channels (e.g. see 
> http://www.muse.demon.co.uk/3daudio.html for a second-order, nine channel 
> Ambisonic encoding) with significant redundancy. You probably want this 
> facility for 5.1/7.1 support anyway...

Yes, I'd pretty much come to that conclusion too.

Vorbis is intended to be very general, so you're welcome to do whatever
you want with multichannel. The idea with ambisonics was just that if we
were going to support a particular surround format, one independent of
speaker number and placement seemed smarter, and the spherical harmonic
expansion a good choice for channel-coupling optimization. It's also old
enough that any patents should have expired. Do you know if anyone got
something on using higher-order the terms?


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