[vorbis-dev] rehuff

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Tue Jan 23 15:05:11 PST 2001


Here is the sources to my "rehuff" program.

./rehuff in.ogg out.ogg

does a lossless recoding of a vorbis stream. (It generates optimal
huffman codes for the particular stream).

This code is meant for developers only, until someone is kind
enough to provide good build and configure support for it.
I won't. And no installation help questions please.

There is a little patch in here, which makes stream serialno
handling easier for decoder programs. This is not the right way
to do it(tm); anyone with better ideas please implement. The idea
is that packet level routines shouldn't have to bother with page
level stuff.

Oh, and you need to remove the "static" from the _vorbis_pack_XXX
routines in your vorbis source to build rehuff.

There is a Makefile supplied, but you'll probably need to fiddle
with it a bit.

Have fun,


p.s. bit savings results for average streams:

beta1 5%
beta2 2%
beta3 1.3%
beta4 2%

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