[vorbis-dev] Ogg/Mp3 Encoding Comparison

Joseph A. Martin martinja at ice-works.com
Mon Jan 22 05:56:56 PST 2001

Hello All,

I realize that this is all highly unscientific and probably
unprofessional as well. Still, I couldn't resist the urge.

I ripped track 6 (prelude) from Yanni's "Tribute" album and encoded it
with the latest versions of lame and oggenc. I present below the
command line I used for both encodes:

time oggenc -a 'Yanni' -t 'Prelude' -l 'Tribute' -c "tracknumber=6" Prelude.wav Prelude.ogg
time lame -v -b 160 -m s --tt 'Prelude' --ta 'Yanni' --tl 'Tribute' --ty '1997' --tn '6' Prelude.wav Prelude.mp3

The encode time for the Ogg file was 41 seconds.
The encode time for the Mp3 file was 40 seconds.

Cool. Ogg now encodes as fast as MP3's.

File size was fun as well. 

Ogg: 2200 kilobytes
Mp3: 2852 kilobytes

So, with regular stereo Ogg files are smaller than comparable bitrate
MP3's as well. 

A big thanks for all the great work goes out to Monty and the rest of
Ogg/Vorbis team. I really appreciate the effort and results.


the "LaterDude" @ (martinja at ice-works.com || ICQ #52640402)

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