[vorbis-dev] Comment/Tag editing

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Jan 17 22:11:09 PST 2001

As of about 2 minutes ago, there's a comment editor in cvs. One that, unlike vorbiscomment, isn't completely broken. And it's written vaguely sanely. It's GPLed, for now at least.

On the downside, it relies on a couple of libvorbis API additions. Since those additions break the abstraction in some nasty ways (which seem unavoidable - things weren't designed for doing comment editing), I haven't committed them (waiting on Monty to either accept them, or think of a better way to do things)

So people can look at the code, but it won't actually compile or do other useful things like that. Should be actually working for tomorrow.

The other negative is that this is basically a backend to do the comment editing, plus a frontend application to provide a user interface. Except I got bored, so the frontend application is completely and utterly useless. It works, though, and shows how to use the backend API.

Since most of this was written late at night whilst I was fairly thoroughly sleep deprived, things may be nutty. Please feel free to suggest changes.

Anyway, people who want to write comment editing frontends can look at it, and write code to use it, and the neccesary libvorbis stuff should be in cvs sometime tomorrow (and thus in beta4.)

Now I remember why I _really_ didn't want to go back and fix vorbiscomment. It's much harder to do than I had recalled.


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