[vorbis-dev] Question re: vorbis_block_clear()

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Fri Jan 12 17:04:10 PST 2001

> The specific code that I'm referring to is in vorbis/lib/block.c:
> -----
> int vorbis_block_clear(vorbis_block *vb){
>   if(vb->vd)
>     if(vb->vd->analysisp)>
>       oggpack_writeclear(&vb->opb);
> -----

Right-o.  This means when you finally clean up, you need to clean up
vorbis_blocks before you clean up vorbis_dsp_state.  The
vorbis_dsp_state is not affected by the above code, it's only checked.

> >From my reading of vorbis/lib/block.c::_vds_shared_init(), it *appears*
> that vd->analysisp will always be 1 for vorbis_dsp_states that are
> encoding.  Is that right?


> If that is so, then my fears are unfounded and all I need to do is cache
> the vorbis_dsp_state along with the vorbis_blocks and ogg_packets.


> Ok; so regardless of the thread-safety stuff, I need to cache the
> vorbis_dsp_state along with the vorbis_block and ogg_packets as well.
> This is doable.
> How are those struct interdependency docs coming along?  ;-)

Keep bugging me.  I'll probably be more easily influenced this week
than I have been past few months :-)


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