[vorbis-dev] Tarkin at last

Lars Brubaker lbb at reflexive.net
Fri Jan 5 10:21:50 PST 2001

> If you think about how human vision works you should realise it 
> is only the edges that
> matter at all. The visual vortex evaluates LPF'ed differences, 
> and passes these to the
> brain. That means if the eye observes a static scene, nothing is 
> sent to the brain at
> all. To offset this problem, the servo control of the eyes keeps 
> them constantly
> wobbling, so that edges keep generating differences. Seems real 
> clunky to use a
> mechanical means to simplify the greyware signal processing, but 
> thats the basic
> technique mummy nature same up with.
> Its easy to observe this in action. Just saw the top off a 
> monkey, and put its head in a
> vice to keep it still. Then you just probe around in its visual 
> cortex while putting a
> variety of patterns, in different lighting, in front of it. If 
> you want to see the
> effect of the mechanical wobbling, just drug the eye control 
> muscles. That's what they
> did at my old college. Pretty gruesome, huh?

Another way to observe the effect, although a bit less dramatic, is sit 
(or lay) in a comfortable position, cover one eye and press lightly
at the base of the other eye.  In this way the single eye that 
that is looking out at the world will have it's smaller involuntary
motions controlled.  If you are very still you will see the world
slowly fade to black.


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