[vorbis-dev] BCB build successful?

David K. Gasaway dgasaway at bigvalley.net
Wed Jan 31 19:05:41 PST 2001

> Well, I'm no expert but this is on the BladeEnc homepage:
> Old versions of BladeEnc were very sensitive for compiler
> optimisations. Even well known compilers as Visual C++ and GNU C
> generated mutated versions of BladeEnc, producing lower quality
> output, when optimisations were enabled. 
> However, the cause of this problem has later been identified and
> solved (it was a compiler error, but it could easily and safely be
> avoided by marking a certain variable as 'volatile') and is no longer
> of any greater concern.
> So apparently it's solved now, and it was indeed a compiler bug.

Well, the way I read it, they've worked around the compiler bugs.  
In other words, the compiler bugs could still be there, though 
probably not in the case of gcc.  It's possible vorbis would need 
similar tweaks, but I'm quite sure Monty and team would have fixed 
these sorts of things long ago on the compilers they use.

> Must be source differences then.

I'm not convinced of that, but it's my best guess.

> Lourens

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31 January 2001

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