[vorbis-dev] Building vorbis - please help

Michael Smith msmith at xn.com.au
Mon Jan 29 21:57:37 PST 2001

> The needed code would apparently be:
> #ifdef __BORLANDC__
> void setbinmode(FILE *f)
> {
>         setmode(fileno(f), O_BINARY);
> }
> #endif
> I say "apparently" as I can't test this yet; I base this just on looking
> at some BCB documentation after a random search.  Notice the
> similarity (exact) to the Watcom code, though.

Thanks. I'll get it in tonight.

> Sigh...no advice for getopt yet.  Thank you, though.  Anyone else?

That came under "don't compile as C++". Those look like the errors you'd
get from compiling c as C++ (also note the "C++ error" in the getopt
messages you posted). Note that this stuff is a raw unchanged copy of
GNU getopt. It's K&R C, so you do see things with prototyped parameters,
etc. I needed to define something (I forget what, it may have been
__STDC__) to get it to work in MSVC, but no source changes at all were


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