[vorbis-dev] Building vorbis - please help

David K. Gasaway dgasaway at bigvalley.net
Mon Jan 29 22:09:21 PST 2001

> On Mon, 29 Jan 2001, David K. Gasaway wrote:
> Most C++ compilers treat those "errors" as warnings.  They really
> should be....  There's probably a -permissive flag that you can pass
> to your compiler or similar to change them to wranings. I recall
> current g++ doing the same.  That having been said, it wouldn't be a
> bad practice to cast all type conversions.  It would make c++
> portability a virtual non-issue.

There's a good chance there is such an option.  As I said, I've 
added the casts for now, but will be forcing BCB to use C later.  I 
felt the same about the casts, but Michael didn't seem entirely 
receptive, so I dropped the subject altogether. :)

> > Sigh...no advice for getopt yet.  Thank you, though.  Anyone else?
> getopt?  If you don't have a getopt library, you should probably
> download the gnu one and try to build it.  Might not work, but it's
> worth a shot. That's a lot of code to try to duplicate yourself.

The vorbis tarball came with getopt, which seems to be straight 
from GNU.  But the compiler has some odd issue with it which I 
haven't figured out...yet.  I've just starting wondering if mixing C and 
C++ might be the very problem.

> Later,
> David

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29 January 2001

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