[vorbis-dev] ogg pic format (again).. here's why

Olaf van der Spek Olaf at XCC.TMFWeb.NL
Fri Jan 26 19:24:40 PST 2001

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> > The ogg video-format [...]needs a way to compress its
> > frames. Are you going to use MNG for that ? :) ..
> No. The advantage of MNG is that it offers lossless compression if you
> it. Tarkin will be a (very) lossy encoder specifically for video; the
> requirements there are quite different and are best implemented as a
> format.
> MNG can be used as a high quality "source" format for video such as one
> for editing and effects work. Tarkin would be the final output format for
> distribution.
> It was also my proposal that we use MNG for overlays on top of tarkin
> a la DVD subtitles. With text and other annotations the lossless nature
> support of limited color palettes is a real win. And because of jng,
> support for lossy continuous-tone images as well. (think "pop-up-video")

AFAIK MNG doesn't support paletized images.

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