[vorbis-dev] Implementing Vorbis in hardware

Steve Underwood steveu at coppice.org
Mon Jan 22 17:09:12 PST 2001

Jason Hecker wrote:

> >I'm investigating the feasibility for implementing the Vorbis algorithms in
> >hardware. Currently, MP3 has hardware bitstream decoders, and I'd like to
> >determine how difficult a Vorbis hardware decoder would be.
> That's an interesting point.  I have a Motorola 56002 DSP developers kit
> that can crank up to 80MHz.  It's a fixed point machine.  It'd be
> interesting to try and get Vorbis working on it.  Anyone care to shoot me
> down in flames before I start?

The 56002, and its code compatible siblings, would be a very wrong solution for a
commercial Vorbis platform. Since it will take a lot of work to get Vorbis
running on one, it seems pointless. Try a more realistic target processor. Does
anyone know which chips are popular in the commercial MP3 players? Most DSP
vendors are targetting a platform for MP3 players, but which ones are realling
seeing heavy use?


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