[vorbis-dev] Idea for gapless tracks

Gerry gerry at c64.org
Sat Jan 13 18:28:07 PST 2001

I got some ideas again (oh no :)

What about adding a tag that specifies the next track for gapless output,
fx. GAPLESS=<nexttrackid> ? The <nexttrackid> could be an unique id for the
next track, maybe a random value or a value calculated from the track
number/title/artist (or simply track number, title and artist, but that
would waste space :) . So, when the decoder see this tag, it knows that if
the next file on the playlist has this id (GAPLESSID=<id>), the output
should be gapless, if not, it shouldn't!

Consider we have two tracks, track 1 and track 2, with track 1 set with
GAPLESS=1 and track 2 with GAPLESSID=1. Then, if the playlist has Track 1
and Track 2, in that order, the output would be gapless. BUT, if the
playlist has Track 2 and Track 1, in that order, or maybe Track 1, Track 3,
Track 2, the output would NOT be gapless! Great eh :)


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