[vorbis-dev] Question re: vorbis_block_clear()

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at lsc.nd.edu
Tue Jan 9 07:23:20 PST 2001

I'm running into memory leak and read-from/write-to unallocated errors in
the cleanup phase of parallel oggenc.

I see in vorbis_block_clear() that it references some fields on the
vorbis_dsp_state that it cached during vorbis_block_init(), and
conditionally does some cleanup based on the values of those fields.

Does this fact effectively mean that you can't have multiple vorbis_block
instances outstanding?  i.e., can you only reliably vorbis_block_clear()
the *last* vorbis_block that went through vorbis_analysis()?

I ask because I separate the analysis from the output/cleanup in poggenc.
Hence, I can have a list of vorbis_block/ogg_packet pairs queued up for
later output and cleanup.  Invoking vorbis_block_clear() on these blocks
seems to result in verious forms of Badness (read from unallocated and the
like, since I didn't keep the corresponding vorbis_dsp_state instances
around).  But just free()ing these vorbis_blocks results in lots of memory
leaks, since the storage inside the vorbis_block is still allocated.

Any suggestions?

Monty: will the thread-safety stuff that you're working on fix this?
i.e., will vorbis_blocks no longer reference/depend on the
vorbis_dsp_state?  How far off is that stuff?

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