[vorbis-dev] now i'm a real vorbis guy.

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Wed Jan 3 00:18:50 PST 2001

At 08:48 AM 1/3/01 +0100, you wrote:
>> Until then, I don't see any reason to create yet another soon to
>> be broken copy protection scheme.  It's a waste of time.
>It would be good if Vorbis tools try to automatically insert copyright
>statements (from CDDB database or something). Somewhere in the comment
>headers. It's useful to have a unique identifier for a recorded track,
>as well (the raw CDDB params, for example; something else would be
>even better).

>This is something that needs to go into the frontends, not the lib; but
>we'll need standard comment tags for-em. Maybe it already exists; if so,
>forgive my blabbering.

There are standard comment tags - ARTIST, etc, as well as a generic
COPYRIGHT tag. However, the frontends don't automatically use them. 

Doing this automatically based on data from cddb or whatever is a good
idea, but the tools don't do that stage of the tagging at the moment (I use
some perl scripts, for instance, and/or a modified and less portable
version of oggenc which fetches data automatically).

Since the data for the encoder just comes from a wav file, and a wav file
doesn't have any copyright info (I suppose it could, but they typically
don't, and I don't know that there's a standard way to represent it), so
this isn't really possible.

I'd agree that encouraging higher-level frontends to do this sort of thing
right is a good idea, though. 


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