[vorbis-dev] Difference between compressed & uncompressed audio?

Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at EUnet.yu
Tue Jan 2 03:52:04 PST 2001

"Rajko.Jersiè" <rajko.jersic at siol.net> wrote:

> Hi
> You can see that in Cool edit pro / spectral view or Frequency analysis
> I can tell up to 256 kbps if there was a mp3 compression/decompression
> very easy.
> And JS is usually better than S at this test.
> At 320 kbps mp3 I couldn't tell the difference.
> Do I hear the difference?
> I guess not. But I see it !!!

But what is it that you are looking at to see the difference?
I'm using Sound Forge (and its Sonogram - spectral view).

Why I am asking this in the first place? Since there are
a lot of pirated CDs where I live, I want to make sure
that the one I get are not made of decompressed mp3s.
If a CD was made out of mp3 with bitrates below 256kbps
then there will be some frequency cut-off and I will see it
easily, but at 256kbps there are no cut-offs and thus
it's harder to "see" the difference so I'm wondering if
there is some other way to be sure that no mp3
compression was performed...


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