[vorbis-dev] Difference between compressed & uncompressed audio?

Rajko.Jersi rajko.jersic at siol.net
Mon Jan 1 14:55:04 PST 2001

> I would like is someone could give me a few hints on how to
> distinguish whether a WAV file is uncompressed or it was
> created by decompressing mp3 file - I usually could take a
> look at the file through Sound Forge and look if there is a
> freq. cut-off (usually above 16kHz) or if there isn't one -
> then I can easily tell by listening if there are high-frequency
> artifacts (common for mp3). Is there any other way?

You can see that in Cool edit pro / spectral view or Frequency analysis
I can tell up to 256 kbps if there was a mp3 compression/decompression very
And JS is usually better than S at this test.
At 320 kbps mp3 I couldn't tell the difference.

Do I hear the difference?
I guess not. But I see it !!!

I hope Vorbis will soon have some kind of channel coupling. A good one.
Maybe at frequency band level rather than on a frame level.
Then it might be better than mp3 in every aspect.

How is beta 4 going? When will it be ready?

Happy 2001


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