[vorbis-dev] By design or a bug?

Jeff Squyres jsquyres at lsc.nd.edu
Mon Jan 1 08:34:53 PST 2001

Happy new millenium!

Summary: I'm having a problem queueing up the ogg_packet results of
vorbis_analyze() for later writing to an .ogg stream.  The docs don't seem
to say if this is permissable or not.  Hence, I don't know if I'm using
the API incorrectly, or if this is an actual bug.


Attached is a short patch to vorbis-tools/oggenc/encode.c (from CVS head,
01/01/01... I just wanted to type that :-) that gives strange behavior;
I'm not sure that I understand why.

The main encoding loop is the same except that I queue up Q_SIZE (10, in
this patch) ogg_packets -- the result of vorbis_analyze() -- before
sending them to the output stream.

It's a simple array of ogg_packet[Q_SIZE], that, when filled, loops over
the array and calls ogg_stream_packetin(), ogg_stream_pageout(), and
oe_write_page() (fwrites the resulting ogg_page to the output stream).
Then we begin to fill the array again.

Everything else in oggenc is the same -- no multithreading or anything.
I had to add 2 more control blocks (an if and a for), but left the
indenting they way it already is so that it would be a short patch; cope.

When Q_SIZE is 1, you effectively have the original oggenc, and everything
works fine.

When Q_SIZE > 1, the output is wrong (ignoring the problem that it will
drop up to (Q_SIZE-1) packets at the end; that's not the point here); you
can clearly hear its wrongness by playing the resulting .ogg file.  Try it
for yourself; the sample input that I've been using for testing is a short
~10 second clip:


Is this by design, or a bug?  Is it not permissable to queue up
ogg_packets for later writing?  I didn't see any state that is stored in
the ogg_packet or ogg_stream_state that seemed to be related to successive
calls to vorbis_analyze() -- indeed, that would seem to be an abstraction
violation -- but there easily could be some things hidden in those structs
that I'm not aware of.

{+} Jeff Squyres
{+} squyres at cse.nd.edu
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{+} "I came to ND for 4 years and ended up staying for a decade"

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