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Aleksandar Dovnikovic aldov at EUnet.yu
Thu Apr 26 03:04:36 PDT 2001


"Mark Taylor" <mt at sulaco.org> wrote:

> This is related to one minor objection I have to vector quantization
> based codecs like Vorbis and the MPEG4 VQ codec: they do not compute
> the quantization noise during the encoding process.  The choice of
> codebooks (use a big codebook: low quantization noise, use a small
> codebook: large quantization noise) is *not* based on the actual
> quantization noise for the frame being encoded, so the psycho
> acoustics is not used to do MP3/AAC style noise shaping.  If for some
> reason there happens to be a lot of quantization noise in the 3khz
> region, the codec is not aware of this and is unable to move bits
> around to correct it.  How important is this?  I dont really know, but
> we can find out when Vorbis if fully developed by comparing it with
> AAC.

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