[vorbis-dev] Metadata streams

rillian at telus.net rillian at telus.net
Wed Apr 11 16:18:44 PDT 2001

On Wednesday, April 11, 2001, at 03:56 , Aaron Plattner wrote:

> Sorry for being a clueless newbie, but why exactly is starting a stream 
> in the
> middle of another one prohibited?  It could be very useful in certain 
> cases.

The usual answer is that it significantly simplifies implementation. 
Because you can also chain ogg bitstreams, in practice this isn't much 
of a limitation. If you need to add a new substream "in the middle" you 
can just finish off the current streams and then restart a new bundle 
that includes the additional track. Players should be able to handle 
this without significant glitching.

Elsewhere, Aaron wrote:

> It's not moot.  Players written now won't be able to play the new 
> streams in the
> future.  This would be especially bad for non-upgradable hardware 
> players
> (although I don't think any of these exist).

An excellent point, but the other half of this is that if we don't 
provide test streams with multiple tracks, implementors won't have 
anything to test against. Not an argument against fixing the vorbisfile 
side, but that's not entirely sufficient.

What sorts of metadata applications are you interested in? I've tried to 
collect what requirements I can, but most people don't have much to 


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