[vorbis-dev] Ogg VEO Codec, video in an Ogg stream

Sean Wieland windwalker at peacefire.org
Sat Sep 2 17:16:41 PDT 2000

"Manuel Amador (Rudd-O)" wrote:
> On searchable databases:
> The data searching technologies are becoming so important that even
> Oracle rolled out a database product called Internet file system, acting
> as a hierarchical storage with searching capabilities.
> The thing is, every day we have to deal with an increasing amount of
> data.  Even we geeks are noticing that it's becoming more and more
> difficult to find what we want in the sea of information, never mind
> mere mortals.  What will save us when later on we don't have multimedia
> searching capabilities too?

My point was that database stuff is a job for Oracle/xSQL/whatever.  You
want content description?  Try XML.  "Every tool has a purpose, and
every purpose has a tool."  Searchable databases are for database
software to deal with, not a multimedia standard.  A multimedia standard
should just define the algorithms and processes required to encode and
decode compliant streams, with the idea that newer standards offer
higher quality and at lower bitrates than the previous ones.  I'm not
saying that innovation should be stiffled either, far from it.  If
there's a problem organizing information and finding what's relevant,
then I'm all for finding a solution to that problem.  But including it
in a multimedia standard is inappropriately low-level in my opinion.


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