[vorbis-dev] Merge done

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Mon May 8 16:41:12 PDT 2000

The merge of the format changes and new psychoacoustics is complete.  There's
still tuning work left to do (most notably there's a somewhat
higher-than-acceptable level of background low-midrange/upper bass noise; this
is due mostly to incomplete psychoacoustic modelling data in the 100Hz-500Hz
range) however, at this point, pending bugfixes, the Vorbis 1.0 stream format
is frozen.  Streams at this point should now be immortal.

I probably broke minor things on non-Linux platforms; check them out.  I'm also
unburied to pay more attention to bug reports/compatability requests for other
platforms.  I apologize for being a little flaky on this front; if I've not yet
corrected a portability issue you've brought up to me before, please let me
know again, and it *will* be fixed.



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