[vorbis-dev] Whitespace standard?

Mike Coleman mcoleman2 at kc.rr.com
Sun Dec 31 19:09:28 PST 2000

xiphmont at xiph.org (Monty) writes:
> > > > I don't have any right to complain, but I think this format leaves a lot to be
> > > > desired (unless you happen to be a compiler front-end).
> I resemble that remark.

Heh heh.

I tend to look at source code as a work of art, to be judged by several design
criteria, first and foremost human understandability.

> No, a DEC Hinote that serves as an X head.  Too slow for anything else.
> CRT flicker makes my head hurt.

Me, too.  I've got my current screen going at 100Hz, but it doesn't solve the
whole problem.  I think it's also color-focusing problems, for me.  Defocusing
gives me an instant headache.  Choosing a color that only uses two primaries
(like yellow) seems to help some.

The best monitor I ever had was one of those old Sparcstation monochrome
monitors--hi res, hi refresh, razor sharp.


[O]ne of the features of the Internet [...] is that small groups of people can
greatly disturb large organizations.  --Charles C. Mann

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