[vorbis-dev] 2d wavelet transforms

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Sun Dec 31 13:57:06 PST 2000

> That won't give trouble? Okay, I wasn't sure...

Maybe compression won't be that good, but it will work.

> >If think you'll get better results if you transform the
> pixel
> >luminances to log doamin first (take a dB or something).
> Hmm, good idea. I haven't thought about preprocessing
> (conversion to yuv etc.) that much yet. I should.

Every (low bitrate) video coder which does YUV (with U
and V space decimation) has very dull colors. Maybe they
didn't implement it that good, or YUV just isn't a good

Note that your psychovisual model is more important than
choice of transform (for quality as well as compression

> >...or to work _at all_, in my case ;-)
> >(Just found out that a 10^48 big codebook is a no-no).
> Heh. Want to borrow some disk space? :)

I needed that much memory. Ouch. But yes, I'll gladly
borrow 10^48 diskspace :-)

Cheers && a good new year,


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