[vorbis-dev] 2d wavelet transforms

jsr at dds.nl jsr at dds.nl
Sun Dec 31 02:46:37 PST 2000

>It doesn't matter, as long as your inverse transform 
>the same ordering. Use the one that compresses better
>(I think that would be the second one).

Yeah, I see it now. The second one is best, it looks 
illogical in 1D because it's a 2D transform of a 2D signal, 
which is 2D itself. It does look logical if you view it as 
a 2D result.

>You can view unsigned data as signed data, that "just 
>to be all positive :-)

That won't give trouble? Okay, I wasn't sure...

>If think you'll get better results if you transform the 
>luminances to log doamin first (take a dB or something).

Hmm, good idea. I haven't thought about preprocessing 
(conversion to yuv etc.) that much yet. I should.

>...or to work _at all_, in my case ;-)
>(Just found out that a 10^48 big codebook is a no-no).

Heh. Want to borrow some disk space? :)


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