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Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Sat Dec 30 22:54:01 PST 2000

> Searching the package in the SuSE distibution: 
>   no package found
> Searching the package in the Redhat distibution: 
>   no package found
> Searching libtoolize on internet:
>   download on CVS: failed (stopped after some files)
>   download on Digex: okay
>   compiled and installed

Didn't see this.

the pacakges are there.  you'll need


they come standard with redhat, and should on suse as well.  if not,
they are included in the official distribution if they didn't get
installed on your copy.

and when in doubt, you can usually find the gnu tools at www.gnu.org, or

if autogen isn't finding macros, maybe you didn't it where to find them?
just as you can't through .so's into /home/blah/some/dir and expect
random programs to know that they are there.  

And this still doesn't address why you aren't building from DISTRIBUTION
tarballs like the ones at www.vorbis.com.

Using those tarballs, you don't need ANY build tools besides system
standard ones (no autoconf, no automake, and no libtool required).


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