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Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Fri Dec 29 23:45:00 PST 2000

Monty wrote:
> > You could make a remark about _not being able to_ charge for the format
> > (or the
> > library) at a later time, because of the (L)GPL.
> The format is public domain (although we reserve right to certify
> official compliance).  Only the code is (L)GPL.

So the format is PD, and Ogg/Vorbis is a trademark?

> > Naah, Vorbiws sounds _much_ better :-)
> In mono, this is 100% true.  In stereo, mp3 still beats us now and
> then.  I'm working on coupling now.

Do you have pointers to bad samples? In my testing, all samples
which are trouble for Vorbis are bigger trouble for any mp3
encoder I tested.

> > How about mentioning my name? Here or anywhere else, but I'd like to be mentioned
> > _somewhere_. I'm not doing this stuff for nothing, you know ;-)
> I've been mentioning you in interviews and dropping your name when
> folks ask about the code.  I think you'd have been hired by four or
> five places in the States by now if you were willing to move ;-)

I'm willing to move, if the offer is good enough...



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