[vorbis-dev] Re: gimp patch 1.1.32-1.2.0 [Also: Re: cmon guys, no patch from 1.1.32 to 1.2??]

jsr at dds.nl jsr at dds.nl
Wed Dec 27 03:43:28 PST 2000

>Commendable, and in keeping with the spirit of the season.
>Thank you.

Well, I'm one of those spoilt campus kids with bandwidth in 
abundance (I won't give any hard numbers, I wouldn't want 
to be responsible for tc's suicide) so it wasn't much 

>Personally, I would strongly urge anyone desiring to 
support a
>Gnome or GNU/Linux project to learn about CVS.
>See http://cvsbook.redbean.com.

Indeed, I should. I know next to nothing about CVS atm, and 
it's certainly something one should know as you say. The 
past days I've been studying wavelets though, to be able to 
do some work on Tarkin (I'm going to try and do a per-frame 
wavelet transform, and then do cross-frame fractal 
compression on the wavelet coefficients. No idea if it's 
any good but what the heck, I'll find out along the way :)).

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