[vorbis-dev] State of Vorbis: Monty's current offline development

Monty xiphmont at xiph.org
Sun Dec 24 20:01:36 PST 2000

Nothing on a branch yet; I'll be building a temp branch for my changes

First, I'm eliminating ordering dependancies in vorbis_block
structures.  They'll be totally sepreate and vorbis_analysis won't
have a global state in vorbis_dsp_state that requires them being done
in order.  That way, a parallel-threaded encoder can run multiple
vorbis_blocks through multiple simultaneous calls to vorbis_analysis.

Second, psy.c is almost entirely new code.  That from Segher's patches
I couldn't apply directly is 'applied' in spirit.  I haven't gotten to
patch 3 yet; he's patching faster than I'm getting my own code done

Next, I'm doing an additional FFT for more stable tone amplitude
determination in the psychoacoustics.

...and adding residue backend 1 for noninterleaved vector construction
within residue vector partitions.

Lastly...  [drum roll please]: first cut channel coupling (mapping 1).  

So, try not to go *too* nuts in psy.c right now.


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