[vorbis-dev] Ogg Vorbis and Java

Kenneth C. Arnold kcarnold at arnoldnet.net
Sun Dec 17 05:25:29 PST 2000

According to Monty (sometime around Sat, Dec 16, 2000 at 05:14:16PM -0800):
> > I've completed a first run at integrating the Ogg Vorbis libraries and
> > Java together. The tarball's pretty small, so I just figured I'd post it
> > to the list. Who should I normally send this sort of thing to? Assuming,
> > of course, you guys even want to distribute it.
> Generally, we distribute things if there's someone in the group (or
> who joins the group) committed to maintaining it, and it's something
> relating to the core library/toolset.  There are Perl bindings out
> there too somewhere (which seem to have fallen behind...)
> If you and or Aaron can actively keep on it, I'm happy to put the
> bindings here.  Do work on that portability issue :-)
> > There was only one problem I ran into (other than the one you guys solved
> > for me before). Understand that I am using the Beta 3 RPM packaged
> > libraries. The problem I ran into was that I could not call ao_shutdown()
> > and then call ao_initialize() again later without segfaulting. So, now I
> > call ao_initialize() once and I never actually call ao_shutdown().
> Action item: Jack.

I found it! ao_shutdown isn't zeroing out driver_head. Not tested, but
pretty obvious. Fix committed.

Also, audio_out.c line 106: what to do if driver_head != NULL? There's
no else on that if. I suppose that you'd want to error out there.

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