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MC Spanky mcspanky at mac.com
Mon Dec 11 07:03:48 PST 2000

On Tue, 12 Dec 2000, Michael Smith wrote:

> >Anyway, I'm trying to create a Java package (library) for use with Ogg
> >Vorbis files, whereby I can read general information (format, bit rates,
> >total time, comments, etc.) and write out updated comment information. In
> >the future, I would also like to provide the ability to fully encode and
> >decode streams. The reason I'd like to do this in Java is because that's
> >what I know best and it is fairly platform independent.
> I'd suggest that you'd find it much easier, faster, and generally better to
> write an interface (using JNI) to the native libvorbis. Although this
> doesn't give you binary portability, that wouldn't matter for the purposes
> you describe below. As for source portability - libvorbis is significantly
> more portable than java (there are already people using libvorbis on
> platforms for which no java runtime exists). Since you know C (if not
> well), building the interface should be fairly straightforward (the
> libvorbis API maps _very_ cleanly to an OO language like java). 

Also, the C version has been downloaded and examined by everybody and
their dog, meaning it'll probably have fewer bugs, all else being equal.  
It'll also most likely be more optimized and support more features.  
And since the API is frozen, whenever a new version of Vorbis is
released, you'll be able to gain all it's advantages by simply
downloading the source and recompiling.

The JNI is made so that exactly the same C code will work with any Java
implementation on any platform.  It should only require a recompile.  
Given the portability of Ogg Vorbis, it should be very easy to write JNI
wrappers that compile with pretty much any Java implementation and C

Just a few thoughs,

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