[vorbis-dev] Java Development

Greg Holt greg at Brim.Net
Mon Dec 11 11:49:53 PST 2000

Michael Smith wrote:

> I'd suggest that you'd find it much easier, faster, and generally
> better to write an interface (using JNI) to the native libvorbis.

I see your point here. For speed (both of development and execution times)
this would be best.

I don't necessarily agree on the portability point though, in as much as I
don't know how I would create all the JNI links (unix libraries, windows
dlls, mac ?s) that are needed on each platform. I also don't own all the
platforms I would like to be able to support to test this. Even for the
ones that I do own, I don't own C compilers for all of them. With "pure"
Java, I *generally* wouldn't have to worry about these details.

I guess my best course right now would be to JNI into libvorbis et al and
then later provide "fallback" Java implementations. This would get me out
of the "supporting libraries" stage much quicker and into the database and
application stage which, for me, is more interesting. :)

Greg Holt

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