[vorbis-dev] warnings

Segher Boessenkool segher at wanadoo.nl
Sat Dec 9 09:22:45 PST 2000

Firelight Multimedia wrote:
> I remember a while back noting something about how many warnings
> ogg/vorbisfile and vorbis put out .. jack or monty asked for the warning
> listing but i just got the latest version and there seems to be just as
> many, maybe more!

Most of these are not using type postfixes on
(floating point) constants. Always write

a = 1e-3f;

if 'a' is float, etc. This will not help solve the
int64 stuff, 'cause we don't know what type the int64 is;
but we can typecast it.

I think MS C is a bit too picky about this issue, as it makes stuff

#define x (1.0)

impossible without warnings (if you don't know if it will be
assigned to float/double). But the warnings about the int64 are ok.

I'll get the cvs_latest tonight, and send a mega-patch. Having the
floating point constants be float i.s.o. double helps performance.

A second help: using logf(), sinf(), whateverf() i.s.o. log(), sin(),
whatever() helps quite a lot as well. But I'm afraid this is gcc only;
I'll put in a quick hack.



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