[vorbis-dev] Some scratches with beta3

Ralph Giles giles at ashlu.bc.ca
Fri Dec 8 15:47:51 PST 2000

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000 15:40:20 -0800 xiphmont at xiph.org (Monty) wrote:

> What did you use to decode them?  XMMS?  There are turning out to be
> hidden inconsistencies withing closely spaced releases of XMMS causing
> compatability problems.  IE, matching the wrong plugin build with a
> particular XMMS version is causing segfaults and
> pops/glorps/scratches.

I hear similar artifacts with cvs ogg123, including a fresh version
compressed with oggenc from t2.wav.

> If not XMMS, then I need to do more poking.
> > http://us.mandrakesoft.com/~gc/t2.wav
> > http://us.mandrakesoft.com/~gc/t2-new.ogg
> > http://us.mandrakesoft.com/~gc/t2-old.ogg
> These are all WAV files.  Could I have the 'bad' ogg file please?

Huh? I got ogg files from the second two urls.


giles at ashlu.bc.ca

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